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Best Internet Deals for December 2023

We’ve put together the best internet deals from Spectrum, AT&T, Xfinity, and more.

  • Best deals overall
    Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection
    • Price: $89.99/mo.*
    • Speed: Up to 940Mbps
    • Exclusive promos: Free Amazon Echo Show 10 OR an Amazon Gift Card up to $200
  • Best mobile and internet bundle
    Xfinity Fast + Xfinity Mobile Unlimited
    • Price: $50.00/mo. for 24 mos. (internet plan + phone plan)
    • Speed: 400Mbps
    • Exclusive promos: $25 off a month on internet faster than a gig when you add Xfinity mobile and get unlimited data and Wi Fi equipment for 24 months.
  • Best for cheap gigabit internet
    Optimum 1 Gig Internet
    • Price: $55.00/mo.
    • Speed: 940Mbps
    • Exclusive promos: $50 off First Month’s Bill. Valid through 12/31. Use Promo Code SLEIGH50.
  • Best for fiber-optic fans
    AT&T Fiber Internet 300
    • Price: $55.00/mo.§
    • Speed: 300Mbps
    • Exclusive promos: Up to $150 reward card with the 300Mbps plan or higher
  • Best 5G Home Internet deals
    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet
    • Price: $50.00/mo.
    • Speed: 72—245Mbps
    • Exclusive promos: $50 Virtual Prepaid MasterCard, free one-year Instacart+ membership and $100 grocery credit, 1-year subscription to ViX Premium, up to $750 in early termination fee reimbursement

Who doesn’t like a good internet deal? Internet providers frequently offer gift cards, discounts, trial offers, rebates, and more to entice new customers. These promotions can be hard to keep track of sometimes, but they’re crucial for shaving bucks off your bill. Here are the hottest internet deals offered this month—get ’em while they last.

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Most of the deals are available before Black Friday and expire at the beginning of December.

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Want internet deals? Here are best ones for December 2023

ProviderBest dealsOrder online
  • Reward card worth up to $150 with qualifying fiber plans
  • Additional $100 reward card when you enter coupon code EXTRA100 (expires 11/16/23)
  • Xfinity
  • Add xfinity mobile and get $25 a month off internet faster than a gig
  • Get unlimited data and Wi Fi equipment for 24 months.
  • $50 prepaid card for vets and military
  • View Plans
  • Up to $100 each for you and a new customer
  • $25/mo. off 5G Home Internet, LTE Home Internet, or a Fios internet plan
  • 2–4 yr. price guarantee
  • $50–$200 Verizon Gift Card
  • Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) or $200 Verizon Gift Card
  • Frontier
  • Free installation
  • Free Amazon eero 6+, Pro 6, or 6E router
  • $200 Visa Reward Gift Card
  • $10/mo. off YouTube TV for a year
  • View Plans
    Xtream Powered by Mediacom
  • Free installation
  • View Plans
  • Free Unlimited Mobile line for 12 mos.
  • Peacock Premium for 90 days free ($5.99/mo. value)
  • View Plans
  • Get a $100 gift card and free installation with code CYBER23.
  • Free Max subscription for 12 mos. (with Powered by Grande and enTouch)
  • Up to 2 free months of service (with select plans)
  • $100 gift card (with select plans)
  • Optimum
  • $50 off First Month’s Bill. Valid through 12/31. Use Promo Code SLEIGH50.
  • $50 Prepaid Mastercard with 300 Mbps Internet
  • $200 Snappy gift with 1 Gig Internet
  • Free equipment (on some plans)
  • No annual contract
  • Free installation with online orders
  • View Plans
    T-Mobile Home Internet
  • $50 Virtual Prepaid MasterCard
  • 65% off Nest Wifi routers
  • VIX Premium for one year
  • SiriusXM Streaming Platinum for 6 mos.
  • Pandora Premium for 4 mos.
  • View Plans
  • Free installation
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    How do you get internet deals?

    You can get internet deals by signing up for specific internet types, bundling your internet with other services, or even just calling customer service on the phone and bargaining over your rate.

    Get 5G home Iinternet

    5G home internet is a relatively new type of Wi-Fi service offered by Verizon, T-Mobile, and a couple of other smaller internet companies. To attract customers, Verizon and T-Mobile have slashed the extra fees that are common with other internet plans.

    Here are a few perks you get when signing up for 5G home internet:

    • No fee for equipment or installation
    • No data caps
    • No annual contract or early termination fees

    On top of that, both Verizon and T-Mobile go hard offering promotional perks, including trials for streaming services and generous discounts when you bundle your 5G plan with a qualifying phone plan. See our pages on Verizon Deals and T-Mobile Deals for more info.

    Get fiber internet

    Fiber internet is always a great deal, no matter which plan or provider you get. It’s fast, reliable, and often as affordable as cable or DSL, but with much faster speeds.

    Fiber internet plans also often come with extra perks you can’t normally get on a cable or DSL plan. Pony up for the gigabit internet plan and you’re likely to get free installation and equipment. Most fiber providers offer unlimited data and month-to-month plans, so there’s no annual contract.

    Depending on the provider, you may also be eligible for gift cards, trials to streaming services, and more.

    Sign up for a phone and internet bundle

    You can get generous discounts and cheap prices by ordering your internet and phone plan from the same provider.

    It’s increasingly common for internet companies to offer phone service and for phone companies to offer internet. Generally speaking, these bundle deals fall into two categories:

    • Option 1—Get a cheap phone plan from a cable provider. Xfinity, Spectrum, and Optimum give you low rates on phone plans available exclusively for internet customers. You get 5G access and unlimited data, but you pay much less per month than what the major cell carriers charge.
    • Option 2—Get a generous discount from a phone company. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile reward phone and internet customers with generous discounts when they bundle services. You have to spring for a pricey cell plan, but you pay a lower fee for internet and (depending on the provider) you may also be eligible for a prepaid gift card.

    Get a discount with the Affordable Connectivity Program

    You can get up to $30 of your monthly internet bill covered if you qualify for the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

    The ACP helps low-income families afford an internet connection by subsidizing the cost of their internet bill. A lot of internet providers participate in the program, and depending on the type of service you have, the monthly bill credit can lower your bill to as little as $0 per month. (Yes, that means free internet!)

    Take a look at our ACP guide for more information on how to qualify.

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    Best deals overall—Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection

    Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection

    Price: $89.99/mo.*

    Speed: Up to 940Mbps

    Exclusive promos:

    • 4-year price guarantee
    • Switch to Verizon and get up to $500 to help with termination fees
    • Free Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) OR $200 Verizon Gift Card


    Is Verizon internet a good deal?

    Verizon is a great deal, no matter what kind of internet plan you get. Its Fios fiber speeds are incredibly fast while the plans come at a fair price and give you unlimited data. And you get an even better bargain with Verizon’s 5G Home Internet, which costs a flat monthly fee with no extra charges for installation or equipment.

    What are the best Verizon deals?

    Verizon is by far the most generous internet provider when it comes to deals—and you’re practically showered with gifts when you sign up for Verizon’s flagship fiber plan, Fios Gigabit Connection.

    This plan gets you symmetrical gigabit speeds and unlimited data. There are no contracts and no extra fees for equipment and installation. On top of that, you can choose between a variety of Extras that change every month—ranging from free streaming service trials to straight-up cash in the form of eGift cards.

    What other deals can you get from Verizon?

    • Get a 2- or 3-year price guarantee and a $50 Verizon Gift Card when you sign up for the Fios 300Mbps or 500Mbps plan.
    • Get $25 off your internet plan when you bundle it with Verizon’s Unlimited Plus phone plan. You can get Fios or 5G Home Internet for as much as half off the original monthly price.
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    Best mobile and internet bundle—Xfinity Gigabit + Xfinity Mobile Unlimited

    Xfinity Internet Gigabit Extra + Xfinity Mobile Unlimited Premium

    Price: $115.00/mo. for 24 mos. (internet plan + phone plan)*

    Speed: 1,200Mbps

    Exclusive promos:

    • Add Xfinity mobile and get $25 a month off internet faster than a gig. 
    • Unlimited data
    • Free Wi-Fi equipment
    • Two-year rate guarantee
    Get the Deal


    Is Xfinity internet a good deal?

    Xfinity internet is definitely a good deal. The cable internet provider is widely available across the country and offers customers a wide range of speed tiers to choose from. Prices start at under $50 a month, but even the bottom-tier plan gets you impressive speeds ranging from 75Mbps to 200Mbps (depending on service area).

    What are the best Xfinity deals?

    Cable internet providers have been falling over themselves to offer affordable mobile plans to bundle with internet, but Xfinity takes the lead in offering the best deal.

    Gigabit plans from other internet providers can cost upwards of $70 per month or more, but when you sign up for Xfinity Mobile, the gigabit plan costs only $25 a month. Xfinity’s baseline phone plan only costs $45 a month, but you get 5G access and unlimited data. And you get $15 a month off when you add on more lines.

    Even better, a two-year rate guarantee means you don’t have to worry about surprise price hikes during that time period. And you can cancel any time without needing to pay early termination fees.

    What deals can you get from Xfinity Mobile?

    • Get $400 off a new Google Pixel 8 Pro​ with a qualifying Xfinity Mobile plan
    • Save $100 on Google Pixel 7a when you switch to Xfinity Mobile
    • Get the Moto G Play for $99.99 when you switch to Xfinity Mobile
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    Best for cheap gigabit internet—Optimum 1 Gig Internet

    Optimum 1 Gig Internet

    Price: $55.00/mo.*

    Type: Cable or fiber

    Speed: 940Mbps

    Exclusive promos:

    • Two-year rate guarantee
    • Pick your $200 Snappy gift
    • Free installation (when ordered online)
    • Free equipment
    Get the Deal


    Is Optimum a good deal?

    Optimum is a good deal for cable or fiber internet. In fact, its base 300Mbps plan is only $30 per month, making it cheaper than similar plans offered by its competitors. Plus, you don’t sign a contract, worry about data caps and overage charges, or pay for installation when you order new internet service online. Switching mobile providers, too? You can save big by bundling internet with Optimum Mobile.

    What are the best Optimum deals?

    You get Optimum’s best deals when you bundle its cable or fiber internet with an Unlimited Mobile plan. The 300Mbps plan is super-cheap for $30 per month when bundled—or just $40 per month if you don’t. Either way, its competitors’ similar plans can start at $50 per month or higher.

    Optimum’s 2Gbps fiber internet is an absolute steal if you can get it, costing a meager $55 per month when you bundle it with an Unlimited Mobile plan. That’s quite the value when you compare it to similar Verizon and Google Fiber plans that cost $85 per month and higher.

    Don’t need unlimited data with mobile? Optimum’s cheapest plan gives you 1GB of mobile data for $15 monthly. You can get the iPhone 15 for free with a qualified trade-in or choose to get up to $800 towards an iPhone 15 Plus or iPhone 15 Pro Max with an eligible trade-in.

    What deals can you get from Optimum?

    • Get a $50 Prepaid Mastercard when you bundle 300 Mbps Internet (cable or fiber) with Unlimited Mobile.
    • Choose a $200 Snappy gift when you bundle 1 Gig Internet (cable or fiber) with Unlimited Mobile.
    • Get up to $800 towards a new iPhone 15 Plus or Pro with any qualified trade-in.
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    Best for fiber-optic fans—AT&T Fiber Internet 300

    AT&T Fiber Internet 300

    Price: $55.00/mo.*

    Speed: 300Mbps

    Exclusive promos:

    • Order a fiber plan of 300Mbps or higher online and get up to a $150 reward card
    • Contract buyout (AT&T reimburses any early termination fees that come when you cancel your previous internet contract and switch to AT&T’s service)
    • $20/mo off your fiber plan when you bundle with Unlimited Wireless
    • No data caps, equipment fees, or annual contract


    Is AT&T internet a good deal?

    AT&T internet is a good deal, especially if you can get a fiber internet package. AT&T fiber plans come with unlimited data and fast, symmetrical speeds—perfect for big households, remote workers, and regular Netflix streamers. No need to worry about contracts or data caps, and the provider’s regular promotions sweeten the deal for new customers.

    What are the best AT&T deals?

    The Fiber Internet 300 plan or higher gets you up to a $150 reward card. Plus, you can get $20 a month off your fiber plan when you bundle with Unlimited Wireless.

    In general, you can always count on AT&T for a deal—especially if you sign up for the provider’s fiber internet service. AT&T Fiber offers you faster speeds at lower prices than many cable and DSL internet packages. You get unlimited data, free self-installation, and month-to-month service, which you can cancel any time without paying an early termination fee.

    What other deals can you get from AT&T?

    • Add a qualifying AT&T phone plan to your AT&T Fiber service and you get $20 a month off your bill.
    • Switch from a different provider and you can get the old plan’s cancellation cost covered in full.
    • Sign up for a qualifying Fiber plan and get a membership for NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW Ultimate covered for 6 months free.
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    Best 5G home internet deals—T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

    Price: $50.00/mo.*

    Speed: 72—245Mbps

    Exclusive promos:

    • Price-lock guarantee
    • $50 Virtual Prepaid MasterCard
    • Up to $750 in early termination fees
    • $20 a month off when you bundle with T-Mobile Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta MAX phone plan
    • One year subscription to ViX Premium
    • Six-month subscription to SiriusXM Streaming Platinum
    • Four-month subscription to Pandora Premium
    Get the Deal

    Is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet a good deal?

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is a good deal. In fact, it’s one of the best deals you can get for internet, period. T-Mobile’s single internet plan costs just $50 a month, with no extra fees for installation and no annual contract. You get solid speeds up to 245Mbps, which is more than enough to support a small- or mid-sized household. you also get unlimited data and a gateway included at no extra cost with the plan.

    What is the best deal from T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

    Although T-Mobile is relatively new when it comes to providing internet, its 5G Home Internet service is well worth a try thanks to its fast speeds, affordable monthly fee, and unlimited data. Our reviewer loved T-Mobile 5G Home Internet’s speeds and reliability when he tried it at home recently. Consider it a big plus that you can get the fixed wireless service without having to sign an annual contract or pay extra fees.

    T-Mobile sweetens the pot with additional offers—including a $50 Virtual Prepaid MasterCard (worth a month of service) and a yearlong subscription to the Spanish-language streaming service ViX+.

    What other deals can you get from T-Mobile?

    • Get $20 off your monthly T-Mobile 5G Home Internet bill when you bundle the service with two lines or more of T-Mobile Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta MAX, the carrier’s flagship unlimited phone plans.
    • Get Philo TV for just $15 a month for a year when you have T-Mobile 5G Home Internet.


    What is the best internet provider for deals?

    Verizon is the best internet provider to get deals. Its Fios and 5G Home Internet plans get you a fast download speed along with unlimited data and no fees for equipment or installation.

    Verizon regularly offers perks in the form of gift cards, streaming packages, and devices to attract new customers. On top of that, Verizon phone customers get $25 a month off any fiber or 5G internet plan when they bundle it with an unlimited phone plan.

    Is $70 a month for internet a good deal?

    No, in most cases an internet plan that costs $70 is not a good deal—that’s pricey for an internet plan. But it is a good deal if you get fast speeds and some extra perks like unlimited data or free equipment as part of the package. In that case you’re getting your money’s worth.

    If you’re paying $70 a month for internet, aim to get speeds of 500Mbps or faster and try to get a plan with no annual contract and no data cap.

    Which provider has the best internet for $50 a month?

    Verizon has the best internet for $50 a month. At $49.99 a month, Verizon’s Fios Internet 300/300 plan delivers symmetrical speeds ideal for a mid-sized household along with unlimited data and lots of extra perks. You don’t pay extra fees for installation or equipment, and you can cancel any time without worrying about early termination fees.

    Xfinity, Astound Broadband, Spectrum, Frontier, and T-Mobile also have great internet plans for $50 a month or less. Take a look at our guide to the best cheap internet plans for our recommendations.

    How do you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

    You qualify for the ACP if at least one person in your household meets the following criteria:

    • Qualifies for the Lifeline Program
    • Is approved for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or School Breakfast Program (SBP)
    • Has received a Pell Grant in the current year
    • Is currently eligible for certain providers’ low-income programs
    • Receives assistance through SNAP or WIC


    We update this report multiple times a month with the latest deals we find through online research. Internet providers often come to us directly with news about their most recent offers, including limited-time promotions, and we make sure to post the info in a timely fashion. We publish one major monthly update, but we’re always checking the news for fresh offers, so we come back to the page frequently for smaller updates. Feel free to contact if you find any deals worth discussing.


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