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Jade Communications


Terry F | 08-09-2023

Terrible customer service, if I could give zero stars I would. We have had speed issues for weeks. Connection keeps dropping. Phone cuts out during calls as its often on wifi due to bad phone reception in our area. Although Jade say we are close to tower so should have storng wifi. We pay for 100MBPS Service ad we get between 0.5 and 30 usually. We've had missed appointment after waiting all day "Sorry truck broke down". If thats true, call the customer and tell them instead of having them sit there all day like fools. They finally came out today. The tech was very nice. Said it sounded like our radio (or radial) part on the roof needed switching out. He wanted to do it but they office refused. They told him they have previously told us it is our network extenders at fault. Its NOT our extenders as when we unplug them the problem persists. Tech wanted to install the part but office would not approve it because they apparantly knew better than the tech and my husband who used to own a PC store specializing in building computers and installing networks. Tech was apologetic and shrugged because he could help us no more. Office told him we have too many devices plugged in. Strange because last week tech support told us we only had 22 devices connected and Jade make a big deal about you can connect up to 250 devices but suddenly our 22 is too many. Many of these devices are not active or use low bandwidth like the fridge, ipads Unused firestick, roku etc which we have tried unplugging them all except one. Connection still drops but office knows best too many devices. Maybe they need to change their literature from 250 to 10 or 15 devices? So all in all we would NOT recommend Jade communications because their customer service stinks. If they don't fix it we will have to switch providors.

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